Software development

Who we are? is an experienced provider of information systems. We design applications for various companies, for small, medium and large enterprises, both from Poland and other European countries. The featSoftware team consists of specialists and programmers with many years of experience.

Solutions dedicated to Your business

Web applications

We design and program simple and complex web applications, depending on the clients' needs. They are often used by hundreds or even thousands of users.

Thanks to the use of proven standards, these applications are easy to implement, cheap to maintain and they provide great opportunities for integration and access for new users.

When implementing projects, we always keep safety and efficiency in mind. We place great importance on the ergonomics of user interfaces. If required, our applications can be multilingual. During development of most systems, we use the framework that we have been developing for years, which alows us to obtain our goals faster and at lower cost.
Intranet application

Our task is to create functioning within the organization solutions  - they are to support business processes in the enterprise. Our intranet applications often do not require additional authorization from the user, they also integrate with other internal systems in the company. These are key tools in the process of customer service, order fulfillment, analysis of the situation in the company, planning or settlements with clients. Thanks to the use of web technologies, their maintaining, implementing and updating cost is minimal.

Desktop applications

We offer clients solutions that require high reliability, responsiveness and strong integration with the client station's operating system. Desktop solutions work great here. We implement applications both in the client-server and the multi-layer model.Aplikacje mobilne.

We create an application for Android, iOS (iPhone / iPad / iPod) and Blackberry platforms.

All in the interests of achieving clients' goals.


Companies have more and more IT systems that process data in the most diverse business areas.

Often there is a need not to duplicate data and processes, but to reach for the integration of one system with another. Many of our applications integrate with other IT solutions that already exist in the enterprise. Wykorzystujemy do tego wiele technik od integracji przez bazę, poprzez wykorzystanie usług webowych do wprowadzenia integracyjnej stanowiącej integracyjną platformę dla całej organizacji.

Data warehouses

Without good and proven IT solutions it is difficult to make good decisions in the company. Organizations collect more and more data, wanting to undergo it further analysis and further use. Frequently thanks to this, they can gain a competitive advantage.

An example here can be the analysis of the users behavior of an online store in order to present him the most accurate offers or optimization of logistics processes based on the analysis of orders in long-term periods.
We have extensive experience in preparing various types of reporting tools for management and controlling. We are able to create mechanisms that aggregate data from production databases to separate files.

How are we doing?

Business analysis in terms of software development

We discuss ideas together and look for solutions that suit business. The whole should be turned into software. We prepare visualizations of the final effect to jointly know what we want to achieve.

Graphic projects

In addition to programming, the appearance of the application is important. We care for modern design and graphics that please even the most demanding eye.

Software development

Application development and constant customer consultation allow us to act quickly and efficiently.

Aplication update

Continuation of work on the application and software updates are necessary elements of cooperation.

Aplication start

We are with the client during the publication of the new application. We operate efficiently and react quickly to possible changes or errors that we do not anticipate!

Further development and cooperation

Each application needs new features and improvements. We help clients to get tips from users and to implement them.