Strategic development



As part of strategic consulting, we implement a comprehensive strategy that aims to improve the functioning of a company and strengthen its market position. Suggested solutions are based upon thoroughly examined clients' needs and their market situation. During the implementation of solutions for financing and optimization we very often offer simultaneous changes in strategy, marketing and sales.

We develop and implement both long and short-term development strategies for enterprises. While creating operation plans for our clients we set the tactical and operational framework and support the client in everyday business decisions. We focus on optimization, concentration of energy and the organisation's resources on the most important activities and we strive to minimize the costs associated with the operations, taking into consideration, and at the same time, to offset any hindrances, such as financial barriers, resource constraints, lack of information, lack of competence, anticipated changes in the environment and actions taken by the business competition.

Our focus is on becoming accustomed to the business environment in which the company operates and learning the social changes that create trends that are closely related to the efficiency of undertaken activities in the given market segment. In order to improve the functioning of a company we outline its operations, pointing out potential areas of the market that the client should exploit. We also develop an accurate description of specific existing competences, as well as the ones that show potential for development in the future.

Depending on client's needs and individual expectations, we carefully select appropriate strategic solutions that include:

  • tax solutions for companies and employees,
  • goods and services sales solutions,
  • trade marketing solutions,
  • marketing and Public Relations solutions,
  • promotion of new products, product lines and new market segments solutions,
  • export expansion solutions,
  • acquisitions and intensive growth solutions,
  • raising funds for a broadly defined development of the company solutions.

Together with our clients, we strive to create a path from the place their companies are currently positioned to a place that they will occupy in the future. With the years of experience of our specialists and close cooperation with clients, we gradually implement developed strategies which reach their goals.

The strategies, restructuring and diversification plans we implement provide high efficiency in the production of the desired results over a short period of time. By continuously creating the distinctive competences of companies we support and identifying unconventional solutions to optimize their operations, we improve their functioning in all spheres and at all stages of present and future, long-term business activity.