Payments for PFRON


In accordance with the provisions of the Act of 27th August 2007 on vocational and social rehabilitation and employment of disabled persons, any entity employing more than 25 employees is obliged to employ disabled workers in the number that constitutes 6% of the entire staff, FTE. (full time equivalent)

An employer that does not meet these requirements pays a monthly fee to PFRON for each full-time post for a disabled person that does not make up the required quota (6%).

The aims of the project managed by the Expedite Consulting Group include:

reduction of monthly payments which are the result of the insufficient number of disabled persons employed in relation to the total number of employees (the PFRON payment).

increasing employment of people with disabilities

persons with disabilities employment / support programme

supporting entrepreneurs in their daily business.



We analyse, verify and advise our clients on matters relating to dealing with the National Fund for the Rehabilitation of the Disabled (PFRON).

While running an audit, we focus on ways to optimize overpayments for past periods and to achieve savings in the future. Additionally, we identify errors, resulting in a risk of underpayment and penalty interest.

The audit serves as a basis for an optimization report that a client receives. The report includes an assessment of the past condition and a document specifying the savings potential, along with recommendations. The report concludes with a proposal of changes in particular areas, leading to savings in the future.

The entire report is supported by a number of legal analyses, aimed at ensuring the compatibility of the proposed solutions with state laws and internal regulations of the contracting authority.