Incentive systems


The Expedite Group provides the possibility of using a research-incentive platform, addressed to large companies that have their own sales departments (field employees or telemarketing employees), granting employees many different bonuses and rewards, paid to its employees, as well as cooperating persons and companies.

We use proprietary software in the form of an Internet platform, which accounts for all types of knowledge tests, promotions and bonuses.

The advantages of introducing this solution for our clients are as follows:

  • Reducing the burden of remuneration, stemming from overhead tax and social insurance by 30-40%
  • Access to a respondent’s database that is significantly larger than that of company's own employees - the ability to perform all kinds of market research, competition and tests
  • Ongoing monitoring of job satisfaction and employee satisfaction
  • Introduction of uniform and low-cost settlement of all promotional, sales and bonus events within a client's company, as well as among the recipients or consumers
  • Elimination of the "grey zone" within the promotional systems
  • Uniform, transparent remuneration and incentive method for employees and associates