Business in England


Establishing companies in the UK is increasingly popular. The British Isles have become a favourable area for investors from all over Europe, including Polish entrepreneurs.

Minimal formalities and bureaucracy - the establishment of a LTD company, equivalent to a Polish Sp. z o. o. does not require too extensive documentation, even if the owner and / or one of the company CEOs is a foreigner, completing tax forms is relatively simple

Taxes are low - personal income tax is 20%, and workers and self-employed pay income tax when over 10 thousand pounds of annual income (the sum below that threshold is tax free)

British authorities have a positive approach towards entreprenechanging-of-the-guards-959470_1920urs - the law is stable and in case of disputes it is implemented quickly.

London - one of the most important cities and business centers in the world – a place where modern companies with many branches are launched. English is the international language of business.

Polish entrepreneurs working with the London Dream brand use the services of Polish-speaking accountants and business advisors every day - the entire process is CLEAR-CUT, QUICK AND COMPREHENSIVE.

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