Our origins

For more than 23 years as Expedite, a Consulting Group, we have provided comprehensive consulting services in the design and implementation of cost and tax optimization, legal hearings, obtaining financing and strategic management.

As part of an international holding, the Expedite Consulting Group, we provide our customers with coordinated and centrally managed services in the field of cost and tax restructuring, finance, legal services, strategic management, insurance and debt collection, as well as finding partners and conducting sales on foreign markets.

As part of our service we offer our clients construction of business specifics which allow, within the existing legal regulations, for safe and also financially beneficial business management. The services that we offer go far beyond typical cost and tax advice.

Clients entrust us with support in the long-term strategic planning of their companies and managing budgets and projects. Our solutions are based primarily on years of experience and a thorough knowledge of regulations and economic realities. In cooperation with our customers, we rely on trust and the potential for innovative and secure business solutions.