Global structure

struktura globalnaOur companies are based in countries such as Ukraine, United Kingdom, China, the United Arab Emirates, Cyprus, Seychelles and the United States.

This enables us to work effectively with stakeholders from around the world.

Expedite Holding includes the following companies:

  • Expedite (PL)
  • Expedite Management (PL)
  • Expedite Consulting (PL)
  • Expedite Holding (PL)
  • Expedite Finance (PL)
  • Expedite Property (PL)
  • Expedite Investments (GB)
  • Expedite Advisors (GB)

Other companies in the Group:

  • Aster Pharma (PL)
  • Nidus (PL)
  • Cuw-Ex (PL)
  • ABC Properties (PL)
  • Clermont (PL)
  • Saldana (PL)
  • Iron Solutions (PL)
  • Beyer Polska (PL)
  • Turel (PL)